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At InnoFitness DK, we sell a selection of weight recorders. You will find weight plates in different weight classes, and they are all of good quality. Our weight plates naturally vary in weight, and we therefore hope that you can find just the plates that suit you and your training best.

Weight plates are a fantastic training tool as they are super versatile and can be used in a lot of different ways. You can of course connect the weight recorders to ordinary barbells, but they can also be used with advantage on curling bars . In addition, the weight plates can also be used alone, where you can easily do a lot of different exercises. It is only your imagination that sets the limits to what training options and variations of exercises you can do with weight plates.

Adjust the weight yourself

On this page you will find weight plates in a selection of different weight classes. We want to hit many different levels, which is why you will find weight plates of 2.5 kg, 5 kg, weight plates of 10 kg and 20 kg weight plates. If you are a complete beginner, or if you simply want to add a little extra weight to your already heavy barbell , we also have weight plates down to 2.5 kg. Before you choose weight plates, also remember that the barbell itself weighs quite a few kilos.

Our weight plates are naturally of good quality, so you can be sure that they can last for many years and for many workouts. All of our weight plates are rubber coated, which makes them nice to hold on to, but also means they don't make nearly as much noise when they hit the floor.

Training with barbell and curling bar

If you want to use your weight plates in combination with a barbell, we naturally also negotiate this here at InnoFitness DK. With an ordinary barbell, you have the opportunity to do a lot of different exercises, and it's easy for you to train your whole body well. You can do everything from squats and lunges to deadlifts and chest presses.

If, on the other hand, you want to hit your biceps and triceps more isolated with specific exercises, we recommend that you acquire a curling bar. With a curling bar, you get more grip options, while at the same time protecting your wrists when they are exposed to heavy strain. At InnoFitness DK, we sell various curling bars that vary in weight. You can choose between one of 6 kg and one of 10 kg, depending on where you are in terms of level in your training and how much challenge you need. Remember that you can always connect different weight plates to increase the load as you get stronger.

Exercises with a weight plate

A weight plate is a training tool that offers an incredible number of different options for training. In addition to the fact that you can of course connect weight plates to a barbell, you can also do a multitude of different exercises using only a weight plate. If you want to train at home, you can easily and quickly get an effective workout at home without having to go out and invest in a lot of different training equipment. Below we have collected some exercises you can perform with a loose weight plate.

  • Squat with weight plate
    Squats are a tremendously good exercise, and they become even more effective when you perform them with a weight plate in your hands and holding it in front of your upper body.
    Lower yourself by bending your knees in the same way as if you were to sit down on a chair. When your thighs are approximately parallel to the floor, you rise up again in a controlled manner to your starting position - all the time with the weight in front of your upper body and with a straight back.

  • Russian twist
    Russian twist is an exercise that, among other things, trains the stomach intensively. Sit down as in a regular sit-up, lift your feet slightly off the ground so your legs make a 'V' and rotate from side to side with the weight plate in your hands.

  • Shoulder press with weight plate
    Shoulder press is a super good exercise to strengthen the shoulders, triceps and chest. Hold the weight plate in your hands at your chest, lift it over your head and extend your arms.

The above-mentioned exercises are just for inspiration, and training with loose weight plates can vary endlessly. In principle, you can do the same exercises as you can with ordinary dumbbells . It just needs to be exercises that allow you to grip the weight plate with both hands rather than having one in each hand.

What characterizes bumper plates?

Bumper plates are rubber-coated weight plates, and they are also the type of weight plates we have in the range at InnoFitness DK. Bumper plates are designed to protect the surface, the bar and the weight plate itself.

Durable and hard-wearing

Bumper plates' rubber coating makes them a long-term investment. It also makes them comfortable to grip if you want to train with them without a barbell.

Applicable regardless of training experience

Bumper plates come in many weight classes, making them an obvious choice for both the beginner and the experienced. In addition, they are versatile when it comes to training options, because there are a lot of exercises you can do with bumper plates.

Marked with the scale

Bumper plates are usually marked with the weight, so it is easy and clear to see how much it weighs. In this way, you can quickly identify the right weight for your exercise, so you avoid unwanted breaks in finding the right weight.

Iron weight plates or bumper plates?

At InnoFitness, we recommend choosing bumper plates rather than iron weight plates. The choice between iron or rubber weight plates is often a matter of taste and preference, but there are many advantages to bumper plates over iron weight plates.

Bumper plates' rubber surface makes them very durable and gentle on the surface. The weight plates are also easy to maintain, unlike iron plates which require more maintenance and can rust. The iron discs also make more noise in use than bumper plates.

Whether you should choose bumper plates or iron weight plates depends on preference, but there are many advantages to bumper plates in terms of safety, grip, noise level and maintenance.

Improve your form and increase your muscle mass with weight plates and other training equipment of the highest quality

Training equipment can be a great help in your training, regardless of whether the purpose is to increase your muscle mass or fitness. It is effective to include training equipment such as weight plates because they provide endless possibilities for exciting exercises. Our training equipment is of the highest quality, so the same equipment can be an aid to your training for many years to come if you treat it as it should.

With the right training equipment such as weight plates, it can also be easier to perform the exercises more precisely, which improves your training quality and significantly reduces the risk of injuries. At the same time, you increase the training intensity and challenge your muscles more than if you only perform bodyweight exercises alone. With new weight plates, training just becomes that much more fun.

InnoFitness DK | Training equipment for individuals and associations

At InnoFitness DK, we have a passion for effective training equipment that can be a really good tool in your training. We sell quality equipment to both you as a private person and to associations in both Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Our weight plates can help you with almost all your training goals, because regardless of whether the purpose is to increase your muscle mass, get a more toned body or to get better fitness, there are exercises with weight plates that can support your goal. It therefore pays to take a look at our selection on this page and find the right weight plates for your needs.

If you have questions for our selection or need guidance in connection with a major purchase, you are very welcome to contact us .